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Perfect for those who love their Kadence child theme but can’t help swooning over sections or pages from Cottonwood. Block collections are your solution if you wish to retain your existing theme while incorporating elements from a different one. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly mix and match, inserting sections or entire pages from one theme to another, giving your site a fresh upgrade without the need to switch themes.

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How It Works

Upon Checkout

Immediately after purchasing, you will get a license key and a link to download a PDF guide.

Activate Your License Key

Go to any of your post or page editor. Click the Design Library button. Enter the URL stated on the PDF guide and your license key, and hit submit. You will see Cottonwood tab shows up on your screen.

Add Those Blocks

On your post or page editor, click the Design Library button. Click the Cottonwood tab. Click the block that you want to use to pop it right onto your page – no tech wizardry required!

What’s included

  • 10 full pages
  • 29 sections
  • License key to use on one website
  • Editable Canva templates for the design elements used in Cottonwood blocks (if applicable)
  • Shop My Post plugin

What’s not included

  • Colors and fonts from the actual theme. It adopts your current theme’s colors and fonts.
  • Header and footer layout or settings. Both will use your current header and footer layout and settings.
  • Editable Canva template for the coordinating theme’s logo or branding.


  • Kadence Blocks plugin (free)
  • Kadence Starter Templates plugin (free)
  • An active Kadence child theme

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have the Kadence Blocks plugin and the Kadence Starter Templates plugin, both of which are available for free. Additionally, your site should be running on an active Kadence child theme.

No. If you already have Cottonwood theme, it comes with access to the block collection already, and it is accessible on your Design Library as long as you have the theme active. However, if you are using a different theme and you want to use Cottonwood blocks, you will need to purchase the license key for the block collection separately.

Yes. The block collections work best with Kadence child themes for the best experience and full compatibility.

No. The blocks adopt the fonts, colors, header and footer settings of your current theme. Please note that specific custom fonts are not included with the block itself. If you have a custom font installed on your theme, the block will adopt it, but the block collection does not come with additional fonts.

No, it does not inherit the global header and footer layouts or the global customizer settings from the actual theme. Those settings are determined by your currently active theme. We have incorporated a block that replicates the real footer, but this specific block is only usable within the context of your content.

Support includes assistance with connecting the block collection, troubleshooting issues related to blocks, and providing guidance on general usage. Additional modifications or customizations to sections and pages are not covered under support.

As our products are digital in nature, we cannot offer refunds or accept returns once a sale is completed. However, if you have any queries or concerns prior to your purchase, feel free to reach out to us!

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Cottonwood Block Collection
Cottonwood Block Collection